dr lisa kane

The 'Start Finishing what Matters' Course

Do you want to:

Write a book?
Run a marathon?
Find time for yourself?
Start a business or community organisation?
Revitalise your health/wealth/ family/community?

With the ‘Start Finishing what Matters’ course, you can get there.

Participants from 2023 set up a framing business, wrote a memoir, upgraded their online business profile and set up a women’s coaching circle.

Current participants are working on a business plan, a major career change, a journey into breathwork, a specialist website, a book project, an art exhibition and a family health drive.

Whatever your dream project, ‘Start Finishing what Matters’ can support you to make it real.

The course is based on the award-winning book ‘Start Finishing’ and the associated workbook by Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing. We work together as a small group in a beautiful setting and I’m always on hand to hold and guide.

The workshops start with a short meditation where we find our sense of well-being and balance. Through guided writing, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own lives.

I bring my experience from using the material for more than 10 years. The reflections in the group and the wisdom shared there is priceless. There are also readings from the ‘Start Finishing’ books, discussions and always laughter.


This is not group therapy, but participants often talk about the transformative power of self- and group- reflections, coupled with insights from the written materials.

I have many years of experience in workshops and group learning both as a participant and facilitator.

I aim to create an environment which is loving, respectful, insight-rich and structured.


  • To complete a dream project or, at the very least..
  • To understand where you are getting in your own way and what other blockages there are to you finishing what matters to you
  • To learn powerful tools for completing dream projects into the future
  • To have precious time and space to nurture yourself and your dreams
  • To delight in the company of others, who will inspire you and cheer you on


The course will run from 23 July to the end of October.

We will meet as a group for the first 9 weeks and the last 3 weeks.

There is a two-week break to coincide with school holidays.

Sessions will run on Tuesday evenings from 6:15pm to 9:00 pm and Tuesday mornings from 10:00am to 12:45pm.

If you can’t make a session, you can attend the session via audio link, catch up with me via Zoom

at a later date, or go through the missed material supported by the Audible textbook.


  • Twelve 2.5 hour in-person workshops over four months
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Small groups of 6-10 in a beautiful home setting
  • Comprehensive workbook and handouts
  • Access to online ‘Productive Flourishing materials’


The price for the course facilitation, comprehensive workbook and access to ‘Productive Flourishing is R1650 per month for four months (discounted to R5800 if paid upfront). R1800 per month for business (discounted to R6 600 if paid upfront)

Have a dream you want to get done? Let’s chat.

I’m happy to do no commitment coffees or Zooms

If you have ideas which you want to get done in 2024, do email me for more info

About Lisa

My brother jokes that my nose was always glued to the pages of a book.

The glue was because of my bad eyes but also because I craved learning…about anything!

As an adult I became a course junkie.

I worked through degrees in engineering and then a PhD in sociology.

I soaked up as many personal development courses as I could along the way. My current favourite courses are in meditation.

Covid brought a world of knowledge to our laptops but I struggled to warm to them.

Online rooms lacked the full spark of human connection. Sharing relaxed time together in person felt richer, warmer and wiser.

So, when I was encouraged, post covid, to start an in person non-fiction bookclub, the answer was YES!

This group sowed the seeds for the ‘Start Finishing what Matters’ course.

I love Charlie Gilkey’s work with ‘Start Finishing’ and Productive Flourishing. It is so rigorous and yet clear.

The book has gathered up the best thinking in the field and packaged it in a way that makes sense and also works.

In the course, I love offering this powerful mix of insight and exercises. We start with finding purpose and projects that speak to the best of us. This talks to my love of personal development and growth practices.

We end with practical tools for personal project management, which draws on the problem-solving and discipline I learnt in engineering.

Most of all I love bringing groups together and sitting in a circle as we take our next steps together.


Since meeting Lisa in 2014, she has been a source of inspiration and encouragement in my professional and personal journey. Like Lisa, I work in predominantly masculine-dominated spaces (economics, energy, finance). Here, there are few role models of strong, contributing women like Lisa who are courageous enough to bring their full feminine perspectives, energies and strengths to their working lives. There are even fewer who also attend consciously to simultaneously inhabiting all their life roles - as mother, daughter, wife and friend - as Lisa does, with great honesty and experimentation. There are no well-trodden paths here! Our world is crying out for this re-balancing and the valuing of the feminine, that we might live in greater harmony with each other and our environment. I'd highly recommend Lisa as an inspiring and compassionate mentor and coach, who lives her values day to day, and who has a wealth of experience and competence in bringing these values forward in her professional life.

Emily Tyler ~ Low carbon policy specialist

Lisa is extremely open in sharing her own experiences in doing the course material and providing examples where needed, which is extremely helpful and encouraging. I can unreservedly recommend Lisa as the course designer and facilitator. I look forward to doing another course with Lisa in the future.

Melissa Palmer ~ Lawyer

Thank you to Lisa for creating and sharing such a nurturing space that seemed to block out any outside “noise”, where I felt encouraged and challenged to focus on ME in a creative and impactful way. Not Therapy with big feelings, or business networking, with even bigger feelings kind of way, but a constructive-pay-attention!-you-will be a better-person-for-it way

Dohne Price ~ Participant

I came seeking clarity, inspiration and a process for “sorting out” my thoughts / feelings. I found a guide through my decisions that align with my wants and needs, plus the encouragement to do so. Lisa is an excellent facilitator.

Sally Wells ~ Participant

When I arrived at the first session of the ‘Start Finishing What Matters’ course, I was well and truly stuck. Not only was I stuck, I was sinking beneath the weight of all that was unfinished in my life. I had a number of creative projects at various stages of progress with no idea how to manage them never mind move them forward. Within 3 sessions, I had not only identified the key project I should be working on first (my business), I had a major ‘aha!’ moment and uncovered the block which had stalled the development of my website for over a year. The very next day I began work on my website. I left the course with an up-and-running website, a complete professional Linked-In profile, several blog posts to showcase my particular niche, printed business cards, a group of incredibly talented and wise women I’m delighted to call friends, and last but not least, a proven methodology I can apply to my next project. What riches! Lisa creates a gentle, warm and caring space that says ‘your comfort and needs matters’. Her structured approach provides steady and encouraging support towards achieving your goals.

Nina Geraghty ~ Business Owner | Writer | Potter |Jazz Singer

My purpose for joining this group was to intentionally connect with women on purpose. This was exactly what I received. A wonderful group of women all ready to ‘Do Great Work’ alongside each other and to support each other. Cherry on the top: Lisa is an incredible facilitator…a complete natural! Just like this dandelion flower, the experience allowed for the seeding of fantastic ideas in a safe space with wonderful people holding me accountable. Thank you so much Lisa!

Kim Slater