dr lisa kane

Lisa Kane Wanting speed vs. slowing down
The connections between speed and safety risk are clear-cut.

  • Driving at speed increases the time and distance it takes a vehicle to slow down – increasing the risk of a collision.

  • Driving at speed increases the force of impact and so the likelihood of injury.

  • Driving at speed reduces the ‘cone of vision’ of driving and so increases the likelihood of an unexpected event.
And yet…#SlowDown…it’s a hard sell.

In his brilliant dissection of the underlying causes of automobilism, Wolfgang Sachs says that: 

“The automobile is much more than a mere means of transportation; rather, it is wholly imbued with feelings and desires that raise it to the level of cultural symbol.” (Sachs, 1984, vii)

Our culture is a high speed one, autos are one consequence of that. As are road deaths and disabilities in obscene numbers. 

We ignore cultural issues at our peril.