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  • Parents, pangs and walking to school
    There’s something aching beautiful about the sight of young children walking, cycling or scooting to school. Hair flaying, rosy cheeks, eager faces…there are few parents whose heart […]
  • Vulnerability, cycling rights and road rules
    “Of course cyclists should use the road” she said. ” But they must follow the rules of the road. I just saw a cyclist going the wrong way down a one way. They are an accident […]
  • Streets that “embody respect”?
    We sat in a formal board-room table overlooking central Cape Town just before Christmas of 2012. We were a small, enthusiastic bunch of street geeks (some of whom went on to set up Open Streets Cape […]
  • Do roads have politics?
    This question – do roads have politics – from Langdon Winner in 1980 has been beguiling me for a (long) time. Winner asked it while describing 1920s ‘parkway’ access routes from New York […]
  • Small is beautiful: on NMT infrastructure
      “Without large and expensive investments for public (mass) transport or situations such as the cycle lanes in Rosebank/Rondebosch, what other options exist for promoting non-motorised […]
  • Low carbon transport part 3: allocate public road space democratically
    Here’s a picture of a democracy of space in action. It’s a picture of what happens when public space on roads is democratically allocated on a same-space-per-person basis. The fifteen […]
  • Five ‘take-homes’ from a Masterclass on Transport Justice
    Karel Marten’s recent University of Cape Town Masterclass  on Transport Justice was full of worthwhile justice philosophy fodder. However, the five significant ‘take-homes’ asked for something closer […]
  • “…everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted”.
    What difference does it make? This is the burning question I’m facing at the moment – in project proposals, in fundraising conferences, in organisational discussions. The call for […]
  • Thinking “Safer Streets for Children”. And living with paradox
    How do we really tackle children’s fatalities and injuries on South Africa’s roads? How do we work with culture, organisations and individuals each constrained by limited resources? Tomorrow I am […]
  • Ghosts of children and reality checks at road safety meeting
    Some years ago I taught basic road engineering to a group of largely uninterested third year engineers. Attempting one morning to shake them out of their sleepy stupor I asked: “So, how many of you […]
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