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  • Taking back ConTROLL
    Picture courtesy of The Strong, Rochester, New York I was trolled. Not in a viral storm kind of way but in a sneaky, manipulative and semi-public […]
  • Mommy PhD: The unresolved childhood theory (2)
      Dark anger about injustice regarding freedom of movement, especially for children, definitely motivated my PhD and its focus. On the flip […]
  • On PhD humiliation: letter to a friend
    Hi Beth, It was good to see you yesterday, although you did seem out-of-sorts and, as you said yourself: shattered. As I sat there I was quite torn. […]
  • Mommy PhD: The last steps
    At last – the publisher! I handed over the PhD in PDF. Got the quote; approved the quote. Cleared up a niggle regarding the university regulations […]
  • Mommy PhD: The Downer
    Shortly after finishing the PhD people starting telling me that it was really common to get depressed after handing in and “did I feel […]
  • Mommy PhD: Biting tails
    Over the last few weeks of my PhD my Facebook posts grew in number and prophetic statements: “Nearly there!!” I wrote. “So close I […]
  • Mommy PhD: Guilt
    In the midst of PhD completion crisis management I felt Guilty all of the time. Guilty about the lack of order, the lack of time, energy, attention. […]
  • Mommy PhD: The last 500m
    Surely, I thought, I will get to the printer today?! All I need to do is to convert my Word file to PDF and then we are done?! Well, it seems that […]
  • Mommy PhD: Practical tips to overcome a crises of writing confidence
    Write for an audience: Print off a list of all the people who want to read what you are writing and write for them Revisit inspired times: Flip […]
  • Mommy PhD: The 21st kilometer
    I tried to explain it to a friend: “It’s like the 21st kilometer of a half marathon,” I said. “You know the end is near but you are so […]
  • Mommy, PhD: Ice-cream and endings
    The day I dispatched my PhD I was, frankly, exhausted. It followed a week of nervous jangling with layout and photo resolution issues, a month of […]
  • Five reasons I’m glad I did a PhD
    Now that the PhD is finally done here are my tops five reasons why I’m glad I did it. 1. It scratched my “itch” in a way that […]
  • Mommy, PhD: Finding time – saying no
    If you’re going to find time then you’re going to have to start saying “no”. This may be one of the toughest tasks for a […]
  • Mommy PhD: Writing drafts
    “Sorry!” she wrote, asking for feedback, “it’s very draft!” I remembered my own early pieces submitted to supervisors […]
  • Mommy PhD: F-f-f-formatting
    The biggest time sink as hand-in date approached was no-one’s fault but mine and it boiled down to indecisiveness about formatting. The classic […]
  • Mommy PhD: Writing on Mars
      It’s so important to have separation while studying, but how do you make sure that the necessary separation doesn’t become […]
  • PhD: The unresolved childhood theory (1)
    I have a pet theory that the PhD process is at least part about unresolved issues from childhoods. At least, it was for me. (There are probably less […]
  • PhD Starting out – “the space”
    (The first in a series of posts baring some hard-won lessons about being a PhD student, freelance worker and mom) Source: For the first […]
  • Holidays, waves and PhDs
    For many it’s the time of year for rest and holiday. A time to forget about studies? I would say yes. Remove yourself from the desk and […]
  • Finding 3600 hours for a PhD
    (The second in a series of posts baring some hard-won lessons about being a PhD student, freelance worker and mom) Maybe you have the luxury of being […]
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