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About me

I'm interested in, sometimes mad or passionate about, the politics of streets. In particular, I'm interested in the engineering or planning practices hidden from view. I'm curious about how ways of valuing get reproduced and embedded in cities. The stubborn-ness of some human values and the transience of others.

I hanker for and try and work towards more humanity in road planning practices. I'm a proud co-founder and former Board member of Open Streets Cape Town, a non-profit which works to connect people and build shared spaces respectfully. I like to knit together different ways of thinking from engineering, systems thinking, sociology and psychology.

I work as a freelance academic writer, researcher and activist and I draw on Science and Technology Studies writers to do my research work. I'm particularly influenced by the work of John Law and work on material semiotics. I'm an Honorary Research Associate at the Centre for Transport Studies at UCT. My PhD was a case study of the "unfinished" Foreshore Freeways in Cape Town, and asked "how do roads get to be the way they are?" I'm currently working with the GCRO on a research piece looking at the role technologies have played in the strong reactions of people to e-tolling.

I'm interested in consulting which uses my knowledge and experiences of socio-technical systems change, generally. I bring a deep understanding of socio-technical systems, clear thinking, an ability to diagnose blockages and creativity of solutions. I believe in the power of collaboration for sustainable solutions to socio-technical problems and I work in a way which intentionally builds relationships. Playfulness helps too.

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