dr lisa kane

The “Start Finishing what Matters” Course

Do you want to:

  • Write a book?
  • Run a marathon?
  • Clear out a garage?
  • Start a business or community organisation?
  • Revitalise your health/wealth/family/community?

The “Start Finishing what Matters” course can help you get there.

Participants from 2023 set up a business, revitalised their online profile, wrote a memoir and set up a women’s circle. 

This course is based on the award-winning book “Start Finishing” and the associated workbook by Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing

Online courses are available but there’s great value in being physically together in a small group and having an experienced facilitator on hand.

The workshops are always a mix of personal work, group shares and inputs based on my own experiences with the material. 

Through guided writing, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own life experiences. 

Students are also offered opportunities to reflect in group settings and the wisdom shared in these is priceless. 

Then there are readings and quotes from the book material, discussions and always laughter. 

The workshops start with a short guided meditation as I find meditation to be so supportive to a sense of well-being, balance and ease. 

My approach

I am not a therapist and this is not group therapy, but participants often talk about the transformative power of self- and group- reflections coupled with insights from written material. 

I have many years of experience in workshops and group learning as both participant and facilitator.

I aim to create an environment which is loving, respectful, insight-rich and structured.

What you get

  • To complete a dream project or, at the very least…
  • To understand where you are getting in your own way and what other blockages there are to you finishing what matters to you
  • To learn powerful tools for completing dream projects into the future
  • To have precious time and space to nurture your self and your dreams
  • To delight in the company of other women, who will inspire you and cheer you on

The basics:

  • Twelve 2.5-hour in-person workshops 
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Small groups of 8-10 in a beautiful home setting in Rondebosch
  • A one-on-one coaching session with me
  • Your own printed workbook in a folder to work through 

The course will run from February 27 to 18 June. We will meet as a group for the first 8 weeks and the last 4 weeks.

  • Making space for your Best Work: Tuesday 27 Feb to Tue 19 March
  • Planning and doing your Best Work: Tuesday 2 April to Tuesday 23 April
  • Overcoming obstacles to your Best Work: Tuesday 28 May to Tuesday 18 June

Sessions will run on Tuesday evenings from 6:15 to 9:00 sharp, with the possibility of a second-morning group.

If you can’t make a session, there is the possibility of attending a session via audio-link to the class, catching up with peer coaching, paid one-on-one coaching with me (at R750 per hour) or working through the material using your copy of the Audible book.

Prices and logistics

The price for the course facilitation and comprehensive workbook is R1800 per month for four months (total cost R7 200, with some limited discounts available).

If you have ideas which you want to get done in 2024, do email me for more info on lisa@lisakane.co.za

Lisa is flexible and able to slightly adjust a session midstream if required depending on the flow of the session and everyone’s responses to the material/exercises. She is also extremely open in sharing her own experiences in doing the course material and providing examples where needed, which is extremely helpful and encouraging.

I can unreservedly recommend Lisa as the course designer and facilitator.  I look forward to doing another course with Lisa in the future.

Melissa Palmer


Since meeting Lisa in 2014, she has been a source of inspiration and encouragement in my professional and personal journey.
Like Lisa, I work in predominantly masculine-dominated spaces (economics, energy, finance). Here, there are few role models of strong, contributing women like Lisa who are courageous enough to bring their full feminine perspectives, energies and strengths to their working lives.
There are even fewer who also attend consciously to simultaneously inhabiting all their life roles – as mother, daughter, wife and friend – as Lisa does,
with great honesty and experimentation. There are no well-trodden paths here!

Our world is crying out for this re-balancing and the valuing of the feminine, that we might live in greater harmony with each other and our environment.

I’d highly recommend Lisa as an inspiring and compassionate mentor and coach, who lives her values day to day, and who has a wealth of experience and competence in bringing these values forward in her professional life.

Emily Tyler

Low carbon policy specialist

Thankyou to Lisa for creating and sharing such a nurturing space that seemed to block out any outside “noise”, where I felt encouraged and challenged to focus on ME in a creative and impactful way.

Not Therapy with big feelings, or business networking, with even bigger feelings kind of way, but a constructive-pay-attention!-you-will be a better-person-for-it way

Dohne Price


Lisa's facilitation style is powerfully grounded and she is generous in what she shares. Her preparation and balance between research, head and heart work create a safe space to reflect deeply

Mandy Antzoylatos

Professional coach, Group facilitator, Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner